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We offer high quality, eco-friendly, promotional classic fashion and practical apparel and novel daily personal convenience items. We want you dollars to earn there way by providing an improvement to your daily life, These products you will find very useful in you daily life and well worth your investment.

Consumer Products (Coming Soon)

Fly Swatters
Back Scratchers
Eco-Shopping Bags (2)
Bumper stickers
Men's Shirts
Polo Shirts
Lady's Tops

Buy a lot! Give it away!

Special and quantity orders available.

Put your logo on our calenders and other promotional products!

We can integrate your company or organzation logo with our promotional items to show you clients and associates your support of green energy for a clean, healthy and prosperous planet.

Donations can be as much or as little as you can afford. Please, only donate what you are comfortable with.


Donate to Green Energy dot org and support Information, Education, Research and Promotion of Green Energy.

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