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Solar Energy

There are two types of solar systems. Direct and Indirect Photomic to Electric.

The Direct systems use (Photovoltaic) photo- electric cell panel that collect solar energy and directly convert it to electricity. These systems can be used for residential or commercial and industrial applications
The Indirect systems collect solar rays and focus them on a water supply to generate steam to power steam to electric generators. These systems are developed as solar farms are usually commercial and produce electric energy for community power grid.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is now being collect through windmill and turbine systems. These systems have residential (small wind turbines)and commercial (large wind turbines) applications. These systems have a wide range of costs. They range from several hundred to many thousands dollars.

Hybrid Solar-Wind Energy Collection

Most Green Energy consumers prefer a hybrid system of wind and solar energy collection by combining a series of solar photocell panels and wind turbine on to the same windmill tower. These system are considered the most efficient.

Hydrogen Fuel Energy

These systems extract Hydrogen and use it as a fuel for Hydrogen fueled engines.
These systems are currently being developed by the auto industry and are coming soon.

Bio-Fuel Energy

These system used conventional diesel fuel engines and convert the fuel system to burn vegetable based oils. At this time the production of vegetable based oils are not cost effective and cannot compete financially with petroleum based oil.

Geo-Thermal Energy

These systems used the the earth's heat to produce steam to power steam to electric generators. These are direct steam to electric energy collection and indirect by drilling to a adequate geothermal temperature and injecting water to make steam. Steam pockets used in "direct " systems are infused with minerals and deposits that corrode and restrict stream system. A binary system for using the geo steam to heat boiler pressure pot to produce clean steam to power the steam generators.

To access the geo thermal heat requires drilling deep to access the appropriate temperature for making steam or locating natural steam pockets that are located closer to the terra-surface. These natural fissures and geo steam pockets can be located by natural geo rock formations, such as Tufas, a terra-surface outcropping of igneous rock, that exhibit past prehistoric geo-activity. These systems are primarily commercial and are cost prohibitive for residential applications.

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