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Letter from the Co-Founder

Not long ago a long lost half brother, the Doctor, (along story in itself) came to me and said that he acquired a couple of thousand acres of Geo-thermal land near the Eastern Sierra Mountains, What can be done with it? Not being a real estate or Geo-thermal expert I started researching it's location and geo thermal potential.

My research of that land shown that being high desert it had potential for solar and wind energy as well as geo thermal (exhibited by the natural Tufas and an existing operating geo thermal power plant on the neighboring property . Although this particular plant has some maintenance problems such as steam induced rust and an obsolete water reclaiming system, It is operating, at a diminished capacity but operating unmanned for several years, non the less.

While researching for myself I met and discussed with many people from all walks of life about my brothers personal efforts when i discovered there were many misconceptions as to the efficiency and practical applications of Green Renewable Energy.

That's where GRNNRG comes in. We decided not to let our research and information we gathered go to waste.

My brother, Dr. Charles (Chuck ) Hooper, and I decided to form a nonprofit organization website and blog to disseminate what we learned and to pass it on free to those interested in how Green Energy can be part of there energy consumption.

Oh, by the way, that desolate High Desert land is great for Solar, Wind and Geothermal so we decided to use a big chunk (600+) for MORE RESEARCH! "Outside of the Box" and Nature Inspired Design Research and Development.

My job is to spread the word, so here it is GRNNRG.ORG!

Fun Fund Raising Events, Carnivals, Concerts and Sports Events to Come!

Join Us, It's fun!

David E. Harshbarger
Co- founder and Media Director

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