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If you are an individual or organization that might be remotely or intensely interested in Green Renewable Energy, you’ve come to the right place.

This is your first stop on the Internet for Green Energy Information. We inform, educated, promote and raise awareness of the Green Energy Revolution.

We are a Non-Profit, Non-Partisan, Grassroots Organization of diverse private citizens from all walks of life, whom are concerned about what we can do to increase green energy solutions to our fossil fuel consumption.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

There are many, from Low-tech and forgotten technologies, like washing dishes with out an electric dishwasher (saves water, gas and electricity) and manual can openers, to High-tech technologies, like the Lawrence Livermore Labs Laser Hydrogen production experiments. Whether you are interested in Green Energy for your home or Industry, we can point you in the right direction. Geo-thermal, Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, They all add up and we help do the calculating.


Research: The latest information of alternate fuel energy experimentation and results. For example the current Livermore Lab experiments on Laser produced Hydrogen. Including in depth interviews of the relative participants.

Development: References to existing technology and development into practical solutions.
New Patents: Latest Patent application and approvals.

Recycling: The latest quotes on recycled items such as paper, glass, aluminum. List of reputable recycle centers. Residential solutions for recycling water, rain barrel water collection, trash composting (for home gardens).

Editorial and Opinion BLOG: You, the people, voice you opinion, ask the tough questions and propose good answers.

School Assembly Programs
Green Energy science curriculum, experiments and lesson plans for schools.
Scholarship Competitions

Car Washes
Community Pot Luck Dinners
Contests for New Innovations
Green Energy Vehicle Races.
Science Fairs
Co-sponsor sporting events,

Our Services are FREE and available to the general public.

We are financially supported by Grants and Public & Private donations from all walks of life.

But we need more, we need you. Tell you family, friends, coworkers, employers and anybody you want. It doesn’t cost much to be a supporter. In fact most of you will save money from your support of GRNNRG.ORG and a few of you will make money with our resource information. When you make a donation to GRNNRG.ORG the T-shirt, hat, mug or any of our other Promotion Items you receive will be a high quality eco-friendly product that you will be proud to wear.

We deliver excellent promotional products, not just hot air, although hot air is a renewable energy resource, people wear shirts, hats and drink vast amounts of gourmet coffee every day.

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